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Being the Better Person Will Teach People To Treat You Like Crap 0

Being the Better Person Will Teach People To Treat You Like Crap

http://cache.lifehacker.com/assets/images/17/2011/09/small_1230-bad-behavior.jpg We’re taught to turn the other cheek—that being kind in the face of hostility is the better way to respond to conflict so love can overcome hate. According to psychologist Clifford N. Lazarus, writing for Psychology Today,...


The Computer Dilemma



The Elegant Thomas Keller, in Rose Gold and Chef Whites

http://pixel.nymag.com/imgs/daily/grub/2011/09/21/22_thomaskeller.o.jpg/a_250x375.jpgHis need to nurture, eat chicken livers, and the ineffecient Buddha in his bedroom. “Do you really like it on me?” asked Thomas Keller sincerely, of a $30K rose-gold watch encircling his fuzzy, tanned wrist, on loan from...


Modern Glass Bakeware: More Likely to Shatter?

http://i-cdn.apartmenttherapy.com/uimages/kitchen/2011_09_22-Pyrex.jpg Have you ever suspected the decades-old Pyrex baking dish you received from your grandmother is a lot more durable than a modern glass dish? You might be right. Earlier this year Consumer Reports published findings that the...


The 1953 Keaton Music Typewriter

The Keaton Music Typewriter is an extremely rare typewriter that prints musical notation on to sheet music paper. The typewriter was invented in 1933 by Robert H. Keaton and was originally available with 14 keys. A 33 key...


DMR, 1941—2011

Some things we now know to be good ideas: Writing operating systems in a compiled machine-independent programming language. Performing file I/O by reading, writing, or overwriting integral numbers of bytes at integral offsets. Creating processes by duplicating existing...